Student Saturday’s

Event Information

In 2019, Student Saturdays was voted Sheffield’s Best Club Night with CODE voted Sheffield’s Best Club for the fourth year in a row! With both floors open; world-class audio (FLARE Audio) and all drinks £2.50 all night long – pyrotechnics, professional dancers and the latest and greatest music – Student Saturdays is guaranteed to deliver you the best clubbing experience in Sheffield.

The doors open from 10.30pm and we strongly recommend getting an online ticket to guarantee entry and beat the queues. We SELL OUT every single week.

Tickets from: www.codesheffield.com/tickets


Dress Code:

We don’t operate a strict dress code for Student Saturdays and we want to make sure that everyone can be comfortable, however, we aren’t big fans of sports shirts, muddy trainers and joggers. It’s been said that at CODE you can dress up but also wear trainers, and we really like that.

Student ID:

Student Saturdays is a student night, so sometimes we want to make sure you’re actually a student. We do this by either asking for your Student Card, checking to see if you’re registered to Uni Days or just asking some quick questions. We just want to make sure everyone has a great night.

Proof of Age:

We’re incredibly strict with this, so make sure you bring a Passport, Driving License or any valid PASS ID. If you can’t prove that you’re over 18, we can’t let you into the club.

Right of Entry:

Ultimately we’re a private club and we retain the rights to refuse entry to anyone that we believe is drunk; aggressive or that we’re concerned will be a nuisance in the club.