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Getting discounts and offers from CODE

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We regularly send out text messages and e-mails to highlight offers for events here at CODE:, including drinks offers, ticket offers and early bird access to tickets. \


We’ve recently sent a text message out to all our friends to confirm if you’d like to continue receiving the offers. If you’ve replied to that message already, then you’re all set – otherwise, just put your details in the form below and we’ll include you in these messages.


In simple terms, we’ll use your mobile number to send you text messages each week (usually two – one on a Tuesday and one on a Saturday, usually around 7pm) and we’ll use your e-mail address to send you marketing e-mails each week (usually four). Sometimes when we have promoters running an event at CODE, they’ll ask that we send out an e-mail and/or a text message to promote the event. We always do this on their behalf and never share your number or e-mail address with them. By submitting your information in the form above, you’re allowing us to send you great offers.

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Our social media accounts

You can also benefit from exclusive offers by following CODE Sheffield on Snapchat – all our offers are available on our Snapchat story which allows you to check for them whenever you head down to CODE.

You can add us by username: CodeSheffield
You can also add us by clicking the following link if you’re reading this on a mobile device: Add CODE: on Snapchat

You can also find us on Facebook (click here); Twitter (click here) and Instagram (click here)

Unsubscribing from our lists

Perhaps you’ve left University now or moved away from Sheffield; maybe we’re texting you more than your mother; or maybe you just want us to leave you alone. If that’s the case, it’s really easy now to unsubscribe from any of our marketing:

  • E-Mail Marketing (via MailChimp) – you’ll find an unsubscribe button at the bottom of all the e-mails that we send. Once you’ve unsubscribed, we’re then unable to send you e-mails in the future. Your data will still be kept by us (on MailChimp’s servers) and is only used to ensure we don’t send you any communications.
  • Text Messages (via Text Marketer) – just text RMZC to 88802 and we’ll add you to a suppression list to ensure we don’t text you again in the future. Your number is still kept on Text Marketer’s servers, but only for this purpose. Messages are charged at your standard network rate. You can also e-mail us or message on Facebook and we’ll remove you from our list
  • Social Media – depending on the platform, you can unfollow, remove us as a friend or unlike our pages or accounts to ensure you don’t see our content in your news feeds.