Ticket Reps

Becoming a ticket rep for CODE allows you to make money by selling tickets on our behalf, either paper tickets or by sharing unique links in the Ticket Arena Ambassador App. It’s an ideal way of making extra money and some of our top reps are making over £200 per month.

How does it work?

We have two ways in which you can make money by promoting and selling tickets for CODE’s in-house events.

Paper tickets:  We issue you with a ticket book allowing you to sell tickets to friends, colleagues and family for any of our in-house events (Wonderland, Jump Around & Student Saturdays).

Online tickets: You use a unique link where you can put up posts on social media and attach the link, you can e-mail or message your friends etc. and if they purchase a ticket then you get commission!

How much will I get paid?

Paper ticket reps get £1 for every ticket that they sell. Paper ticket reps also get FREE entry to ALL events at CODE.

Online ticket reps get 50p for every ticket that they sell using their unique link

Sounds good, I want in…

To become a paper ticket rep, you need to fill in this quick form and our friendly marketing guy will give you a call and set up a quick meeting with you. It might sound daunting, but really it’s to explain the process and how to get your ticket book. We’ll also introduce you to our head promoter who’ll be key in giving you tips on how to sell tickets and make as much money as you can. If you want to become an online rep, just read a bit further down the page.


Online Ticket Reps

Fancy doing online tickets instead? All you need to do is click Become a Rep – this page links you to the Ambassador App, as well as giving you the Events Code to enter to become a rep for CODE Sheffield.